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In 1815 Adolph Lange was born. In his mid teens he became an apprentice watchmaker under the teaching of Friedrich Gutkaes. In Dresden where the workshop was based, high quality and complex timepieces were made for notable figures in society. After Adolph Lange completed his apprenticeship he works with Gutkaes for another two years before leaving to expand and build on his experience. Adolph Lange travelled around Europe working with some of the most skilled Chronometer makers of the time.
After some time in 1845 Lange returned to Dresden where he once again worked with Gutkaes, only this time he was a partner in the factory and the creative genius behind the timepieces being created there. A most notable project of Langes at the time was the five minute clock he created for the Semper Opera in Dresden. In 1845 Lange decided to go it alone and in this time he opened his own workshop near Dresden which became immediately recognised for its skill and innovation in watch making. Adolph Lange was a pioneer of many innovations in watch making. Prior to the end of the 18th century lignes was the primary unit of measurement in watch making, Lange changed all this when he introduced the millimetre as the primary unit of measurement. Another innovative feature he introduced was the three quarter plate, this essentially was a process to remove part of the back plate to allow room for the balance and thus make a thinner movement and watch size.

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